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I had a beginning and an ending today.

I interviewed for and was offered a new job. It means packing up an moving, yet again, but that has both good and bad sides. I'll miss my friends and co-workers here. I wont miss the crime or the "you're not from around here" ostracization of small towns. I really won't miss the family of the father of my grandson, a family that has made no effort to meet the child in the two months since he's been born, after doing everything possible to block placing the baby up for adoption.
grayson cute
I'm kind of glad for that. How could you not love that face?
We'll be in a much more open, diverse environment. The kids will have access to cultural institutions that just aren't available in rural Pennsylvania. They'll meet people who value education and personal growth for growth's sake. I think it will be a good move.

The other thing that happened today was my children's grandfather died. I haven't spoken to him for nearly two years, and we parted on bad terms. I still loved him. I knew his health was declining rapidly, but since the divorce I haven't been welcome in that family. I wish him peace in his transition.
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