Oct. 5th, 2014

deza: (Secret master librarians)
So for about three weeks now I've been effectively homeless.

I was offered a contract librarian position out of state. I gave up my job, gave up my rental house and moved. There was a promise of reimbursement on the table, so I made sure to keep all the receipts and stay within that budget. My brother was kind enough to let me stay with him while I got settled.

The job offer was rescinded without explanation the day after I was scheduled to start.

Ever since, I've been living in my brother's spare room, with my two teens, the grandbaby and our three dogs. It's been a little cramped. I love my brother dearly and I greatly appreciate him being there as a safety net, but this really needs to change. Like now. His grandson is about to have surgery for a torn ACL and will need the room, since there aren't any steps in my brother's house.

My kids and I have to get out.

My brother hasn't said as much, but we all know it.

I've been looking for jobs, without success. If I ever need to write rejection letters again, I have a nice stockpile to draw from as inspiration. We're right outside DC, and the job market here just isn't good. Without a job, I can't afford a place to live.

With the child support and alimony I get, though, we could afford a place in a cheaper section of the country.

So tomorrow I'm going hoe to Georgia. I'll be looking for a house or townhouse we can rent for a decent rate, concentrating on the town where I did my undergrad schooling. I have so many cousins and kin in the area as is; I don't have to put down roots because they are already there. I won't be living high on the hog, but I will be able to support the kids and grandbaby while I look for work. A very dear friend of mine is willing to be a roommate, just in case I stil have problems with my seizures (I've had two in the last month). She and I have known each other for two decades, so hopefully this will work out.

If nothing else, being physically there will mean the job possibilities that have rejected me out of hand because of the relocation won't have that excuse any more. I can do seasonal retail work until a more permanent job comes through.

Now I just have to hope that I can find a landlord willing to rent to me on *just* the strength of the child support/alimony. And figure out how the hell I'm getting a moving truck of at least mattresses and clothes paid for and down to Georgia. And I've given myself a day and a half to get it all done.

Sometimes it's not a matter of deciding whether you are up for the challenge or not. Sometimes it's just a matter of doing what needs to be done.
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