Oct. 13th, 2014

deza: (Secret master librarians)
Things I have this week I didn't have last week:
- a house
- a job
- a boyfriend

Considering how close the kids and I have been to homelessness the last month, having our own place is a Big Thing right now. I found a nice little condo in a decent down-at-the-heels section of Athens, GA. Trust me, finding a 5 bedroom place in my affordability range was a challenge! But it's done, the deposit is paid and we'll be moving next week. This is such a relief! My daughter isn't very happy because she wanted to live at the beach. Here I've made sure she has a pool and eye candy. Seems like a fair trade to me.

I've picked up piece work. It's only $1/40 word article, but it's something. I made sure I could afford the condo on just child support and alimony, so every extra dollar I make is bonus. Hopefully this will get us through until I get more traditional employment. There are multiple openings at the local public library, and having a local address now should help with that.

And the last thing...
Anyone remember this post? Yeah, him. We discovered he felt he wasn't welcome in the family because of the lies and manipulation of my ex-husband. We also discovered that we still have the same chemistry we had 16 years ago. It's been a rather heady experience. He lives about an hour from my new place, so we're going to give this whole "committed relationship" thing a try and see what happens when we're not dealing with a sociopath intent on bringing us down.

A couple of my psychic friends have been very positive on all this. One keeps talking about cycles completing after a long delay. I'm taking that as a good omen.

He loves me. I love him. We're both experienced enough to know there's a hell of a lot of work involved.

And I'm sure there's someone reading this who's disappointed I didn't go all hot, heavy and dirty with this topic. Honestly, I thought keeping up with sudden change was more important. And to you I say Get your mind out of the gutter. You're blocking the light for us sewer dwellers!

ETA: if anyone feels like helping defray moving costs, please let me know and I'll send you my PayPal info. 3 moving trucks in 45 days is more than my meager finances can handle. Thank you!
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