Jan. 16th, 2011 10:55 pm
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Guinness is gone. He had to be euthanized Friday.

From the rather teary report I got, there was an unprovoked attack on a neighbor minding her own business. The attack was severe enough to warrant an ER trip, though from what I hear she'll be ok. But that was his final strike. He'd bitten three people here, and this was the second since going to live with Laura, starting anxiety meds and seeing a behaviorist.

If nothing else, we both know we did everything possible to save Guinness from himself.

I'm on pretty heavy drugs right now, and still crying regularly.

Guinness, I never stopped loving you. I wish there had been some way to save you from the demon in your genetic code. I did everything I could to make sure you were happy, healthy, socialized, exercised, trained and loved. Losing you has hurt more than losing any dog since Oliver.

I know you're at the Bridge, harnessed up and ready to go for one of our wild neighborhood rolls together. Hang on for me pupperboy; at the rate I'm going you won't be waiting overlong.
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Guinness says:

OMG you would not believe how hard it has been for Mom to get out of bed for her exercise this week! Honestly, there are days she wouldn't get out of bed at all if I didn't hassle her into it. It's like pulling the squeaker out of a rubber toy to get her to move.

So yesterday I got her to go out twice. It was so hot the first time we went out, a lot more than last week! So she wouldn't stay out for long. I was kinda ok with that. By the time I took her home, I needed a drink! Man, running in that heat can wipe a dog out! But I nudged her into going out again later, after it had cooled down for a bit. We even ran into some joggers, and I got to show them what REAL running looks like! Ha, eat my dust, humans! Those two-leggers just don't stand a chance of keeping up with me. That's why I like mom's wheels, she can keep up with me no matter how fast I go.

I was hoping we were going out early today, but mom took one of her sleepy pills by mistake. It took me over two hours to wake her up. So I was kinda antsy all afternoon. I need my daily run, or I just start to get jittery and then I start barking and now I'm wearing the stupid bark collar all evening. Hate that thing. We did go out for our run, and that was good. I really need to get mom to lighten up on chasing squitrrels, though. What are they there for if not to chase? Then mom sat out on the porch for a while so I could watch all the other dogs going by. I wanted to play so much! Dad took me up to a dog park, but there weren't any other dogs there. I wish I could get all the dogs up there to play. Mom used to take me to a park where I could run myself silly with the other dogs, and I miss that.

Ooooo, dorrbell! Gotta go!
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Guinness has told me he'd like a blog. I don't have the energy to set him up with his own, so he's borrowing mine.

Yes really. You're laying in bed and I'm bored.
sigh. Okay, here.


Mom, this is what happens when you don't take me out for a roll and Dad skips the lunchtime jog. You'll live. Just for the record, typing with the nose is harder than it looks.

I need to train my parents better. Mom did a good job keeping me entertained yesterday. She threw the ball for me a bit, and that was good. Then she tried to trip me up by tossing the ball and having me wait to get it. Not a problem for the world's number one superdog! It's more fun when it's rolling, though. And I'm still the king of keepaway.

Mom also gave me a rag. Rag! I love rags. they just shake so nicely, swinging around to my ears and back. And they're yummy. Then mom started throwing the rag in the dryer cave and expecting me to go get it. Oooooooooooookay, not so much with that idea. Then she wrapped around a crunchy, which is just Not Fair! How's a dude supposed to resist a crunchy? So I started going into the dryer cave to get the rag, and mom just went nuts with squeaky-voice and the ear rubbies and the crunchies. Yeah, gotta remember that cue for getting crunchies. But see, I've got to train her better. There's got to be a way I can get her to give me crunchies without having to bother with the dryer cave. It smells funny in there, with that bar thing sticking to the side.

Oooo, kids are home! Time to go steal some food! Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiids!
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