deza: (Food porn)
OK, I am on the diet from Hades. This is one of those fun medicaly-necessary things, so I need to pixie on it as little as possible.

No starch. No dairy. No red meat.

So, oh foodie friends, what can I eat? I'm finding starch hides in strange places--force-ripened produce, for example. I'm also too poor to afford exotic specialty ingredients. I just can't afford the cost of things like almond flour or coconut milk.

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time looking for a no-starch cookbook. Couldn't find one. Gluten-free cookbooks are packed with recipes that use potatoes, corn, rice or beans, which are all on my "forbidden foods" list. Same goes for vegan cookbooks. I'm a Southern girl--I've no idea how to cook without starches of some kind!

Help me, Obi-Wan Kfriendslist. You're my only hope.
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