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My first day of posting consisted of mom drahmah, kvetching about the kids, a tarot reading and a brief summation of how I ended up going through a divorce at that point in time.

Since then it's been mom drahmah, troll drahmah, kvetching about the kids, work drahmah, tarot readings, and all sorts of relationship ups, downs, ins and outs. LJ has been my outlet through divorce, single parenthood, new boyfriend, multiple job changes, ending relationships, hook-ups, re-marrying my ex ex-husband, moving all over the Southeast, parental death, parental insanity (no, the two aren't really related) and life in general. I've met and re-met some of the best friends of my life through this medium.

It's been a hell of a ride, LJ. Thank you!

ETA: Seven years this week! I've had an LJ address longer than I've ever had one physical address in my life.
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