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"Strip" by Marna Martin, a Book Review
If you are looking for something fast moving and exciting, then "Strip" by Marna Martin is a must read. "Strip" dips into the sensual and bizarre worlds of the undeads and ancients. Its fast moving pace and involved plot will keep you hooked from the first page.

The plot begins as Lissa, a graphics art student, is dealing with a break up from her boyfriend and trying to find a way to pay for her next semester in college. Ethan, her ex, disappears. A host of fascinating characters move the plot along resulting in an interesting story that has its share of bizarre twists. Be prepared for attempted abductions, ancient rituals, bizarre sexual encounters and a four thousand year old evil.

"Strip" fits into the categories of sensual, erotic, fantasy and science fiction.

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There's a review of Strip going up at AARP.
here and here.

"STRIP, by Marna Martin, is an interesting combination of anthropology, Egyptology, and psychology, with a healthy dose of libido. When graphic arts major Lissa falls behind on her rent, utilities, and tuition, she decides to try her hand (and choicer parts) as an exotic dancer at Delilah's. She doesn't realize just how exotic Delilah's is, until her DJ boyfriend comes to her with tales of a hidden basement room. This open-ended supernatural romance is an adventure that will set off your hot flashes ladies! Fascinating details abound, from what makeup best highlights tan lines, to what ancient Aztec's drank in their chocolate. It's a quick (and steamy) read, enjoy!"

These still make me squee. :)
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[ profile] mydeepbluesea was kind enough to review Strip for me! You can read what she has to say here or on here. Thank you, Jen!

I've also been reviewed and intermewed at Catgirl Island! Read the entire issue of the October Media Mewsings; I'm about 3/4 of the way through the article. Thank you, Mike and Catgirls!
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