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While I was getting ready for work this morning, there was a knock at my back door. Now, this is odd, as everyone comes to my front door, plus the dogs hadn't let me know that anyone was in the yard. I looked out the window and didn't see anyone. I opened the door, and standing on the stoop was a fairy. A sprite, I believe, dressed in a small brown tunic. She had dark brown hair haging down her back, and damselfly wings.

"Is Rowan in?" she asked me. It was hard to hear her, like her voice was somewhere between a child's and a bird's.

"Um, no, she's at her grandparents' house for the summer."

The little shoulders slumped, and she held out several scraps of paper. "Rowan is my penpal," she said. "I was hoping to meet her."

That made sense. Rowan has been leaving "letters for the fairies" for years. Sometimes they write back. I'd thought they were writing back with my help, but apparently not.

"She'll be back before school starts, if you'd like to hang around until then."

She smiled, did a little twirl, and was gone in a flash of golden sparkles.

I left milk out for her before I left. I'll buy some cream on my way home. Never hurts to be in a fairy's good graces, after all.
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There's a house across the street from me that is a neighborhood eyesore. The guy who owns it will show up with a friend, maybe twice a week, maybe not at all for a month or two, and they are "renovating" it. It's been cited for letting the lawn go to pot. There was a refrigerator sitting on the front porch for over a year before they moved it inside. And lucky me, it's what I see every time I open my front door.

Today I went outside and said "I wish that place would just disappear."

This is what I saw when I went home for lunch.

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Every morning I make a little wish/set a personal goal for my day. My wish this morning was to make it through the day without being hounded for anything beyond my control.

My boss still hasn't come in today.
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Yes, I went to one of the midnight showings last night. SO worth it.

However, I was pre-emptively chastised about putting things behind a cut. I'd have done so anywho, but since I got pre-emptively chastised about it, I feel the need to state that I would never put anything about the Draco-Crookshanks OTP or the Umbridge/Filtch snogfest or the bit where Snape loses his trousers outside of a cut. Really.
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Would have really liked to have Gary Oldman and David Thewlis come home with me after. RAWR. I even said as much to the pregnant lady I was chatting with before the movie (poor thing--her hubby has been in the sandbox for nearly all of her pregnancy, she doesn't have anyone local to talk to and she's scared stiff about giving birth next month). Then I went home and had a *very* vivid dream about a Sirius/Lupin/me three-way. My dreams don't normally leave me sore the next morning, but I'll take it. ;)


Jul. 10th, 2007 01:20 pm
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Oh, my.

Must participate.

Da Rules:
A Livejournal challenge in the same tradition as BLITEOTW, except this will be ten days of journaling how life would be different if magic were real.

This will run from July 11th when the new Harry Potter movie debuts until July 21st when the final Harry Potter book is released.

On days 1-4 (July 11-14), magic suddenly works for you, however you want it to, spells, wishes, etc.

On days 5-9 (July 15-20), now everyone is starting to notice that magic works, leading up to...

Day 10 (July 21), when it is all out magic war as people chose sides and fight it out.
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