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I'm keeping track of the training I do with Tassie here. One of my issues is forgetfulness, and hopefully this will help me be consistent with her training and with tracking her progress up to a full service dog.

We got her this morning, and immediately whisked her off to the local big-box pet supply store. She came with a pink collar and leash so that had to go! Her new collar is black and aqua, with a small bone print that from a distance looks like Celtic knotwork. They were out of matching leashes, so she has a patterened black leather one now. We also got her some more food (she'd been fed one that is decent for supermarket food, but has too high a grain content for me to be happy with it), training treats and a few toys and training tools. The entire time we were in the store, she was perfectly happy with laying in my lap in a moving wheelchair and watching what was going on around us, even when a strange dog came over to say hi.

Once home, she settled right in. Jack the cat was less than amused; his attitude has been "Ceiling H Cat on a pogo stick, woman! We just got rid of the last one of these things and here you are bringing another one home!" Still, his body language has made it clear that he doesn't see Tassie as a threat. Give it a few weeks, and they should be friends. Tassie has gone up to say hi to him several times, so it's up to him now. Other than meeting the cat, she's been perfectly happy to follow me from room to room, explore the back yard and stay on the bed to snuggle. Andrew had been worried she might not be able to get on and off the bed by herself, but no worries there! Little girl can jump! There's definitely something to be said for having a dog small enough that she can play fetch without having to jump off the bed. She likes chasing bed mice, too.

The previous owner was in the process of growing her facial hair out for a teddy-bear cut. I'm not overly fond of the look, so I pulled out the same clippers I use on Kyle and trimmed her muzzle down a bit. She's not shaved, by any means, but now we can see her pretty green eyes.

Andrew only got to spend a few minutes with her before he had to head off north for the weekend. That's all it ook for her to start charming him, between the enthusiastic dancing when he came in, the kisses and the sprawling on her back asking for belly rubs. He's gone from "If we have to..." to "A small dog is better than no dog" to "I can see why people like these guys. It's like having a perpetual puppy around." Score one for Tassie! It also helps that having her here is making a very obvious difference in my mood. I've gone from being weepy and sniffling over Guinness not being here to actually laughing again. It may not sound like much; believe me, it's huge.

Tasks started today:
Paws (place both paws on my knee), seated and standing
Lap (jump in my lap and stay there)
Load up (jump from my lap to the car seat)
Take it
Bring it
Get it
Hold (be still)

Small steps, but nearly all disguised as play so she's having a good time. I think she likes it here.

Tassie just getting home.
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